Notification of a change in the legal form of the company

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Please be advised that on December 6, 2022 the transformation of TTcomm SA into
TTcomm sp. z o.o. was entered into the register of enterprises. The change of the legal form
and consequently the change of the name of the company do not affect the continuation of the
business and the validity of the previously concluded contracts. TTcomm sp. z o.o. took over
all the rights and obligations of TTcomm SA.
The existing VAT number as well as bank account numbers have not changed.
In connection with the above please note these changes in your registers and for transactions
taking place after December 6, 2022 issue all documents including invoices and direct all
correspondence taking into account the new company details:

TTcomm sp. z o.o.
ul. Żurawia 32/34, 00-515, Warszawa
VAT No PL5211303295