TTcomm | Mission and Activity

TTcomm is one of the largest providers of satellite services in Central and Eastern Europe.
It has the necessary certificates and approvals to operate on the world and national market, including those entitling to cooperate with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and the North Atlantic Alliance.

Since 1997, it provides global telecommunications solutions for government and military institutions, telecoms, telecommunications operators, national and international corporations as well as radio and television broadcasters.
Since 2007, TTcomm has been included in the list of entrepreneurs of special economic and defence importance.

The biggest advantage of TTcomm is the vast experience on the satellite market associated with more than twenty years of the Company's history, highly qualified team with the knowledge of satellite solutions and the only teleport in the country with a park of antennas operating in the C, X, Ku bands. Cooperating with the largest operators and suppliers of satellite equipment, TTcomm successfully implements projects for the construction and implementation of extensive VSAT networks, comprehensive turnkey telecommunications solutions and solutions for foreign military missions.

Staff and experience

Experienced management staff and engineering and technical team with knowledge in the provision of services and construction of satellite systems around the world
Certified engineers with an extensive know-how in the area of telecommunications and satellite services integration


Own Teleport - an Antenna park with antennas sized from 3.7 to 9.3 m in the C, X, Ku band
Redundant connections with leading terrestrial telecommunications operators Network Operations Center (NOC) available in a continuous system (24/7)


ISO PN-EN 9001: 2015
AQAP 2110: 2016
WSK certificate
Concession of the Ministry of Interior and Administration B-011/2011 for trade in products and technology for military or police purposes