Radio and television signal distribution

TTcomm provides an integrated audio and video service based on the latest satellite technology.

Transmission networks, ad-hoc broadbands for the data transfer in SNG mobile tracks and signal distribution for TV and radio stations via uplink stations.


TTcomm offers distribution and broadcasting of TV and radio signals emitting by the satellite.

Teleport has great development opportunities, in particular, it has place for the foundation of additional transmission/receiving antennas and the complex of antennas with diameters up to 9.3m.

These antennas interact with several satellites so that there is the possibility of offering the distribution and broadcasting multimedia signals like:

  • Satellite distribution and broadcasting of digital television signal in SD and HD format
  • Satellite distribution and broadcasting of digital radio signal

Thanks to fibre optic connections of Teleport and main nodes in Warsaw there is also the opportunity of backhauling of signals intended to broadcasting and distribution directly from the television or radio studio.

TTcomm provides professional supervision over equipment, broadcasting and distribution links in the 24/7 mode and effective breakdown removal.



TTcomm is bound by the long-term contracts with leading satellite operators (Eutelsat, Intelsat, AMOS, etc.).

For the Clients with their own satellite broadcasting devices, the company enables the lease of the satellite band.

Within the context of the service TTcomm offers:

  • Designing satellite channels taking into account the parameters of the equipment owned by the customer
  • Telephone support in Polish while launching satellite carriers in the transponder

TTcomm offers the band on the satellites which cover the entire globe with the exception of polar regions.

Occasional Access

The Client may lease satellite capacity sized from 3,5 MHz to a full 36-MHz transponder for the period from 15 minutes

OU Access (Occasional Use) is projected for the implementation of broadcast from the events such as concerts, sporting events, outdoor events, etc.  by (SNG) mobile units. The lease of satellite capacity for a short period of time can be linked to the complete service of the occasional broadcast offered by TTcomm.

Permanent access

Clients are able to lease the satellite capacity for longer periods (from 6 months). In such cases it  is possible to use the band sized from several hundred kHz to dozens MHz.

Permanent access to the satellite band may be allocated for distribution and broadcasting of multimedia signals, corporate networks construction, detached networks, dedicated links.


Within the framework of provision of broadcasting services TTcomm rents SNG mobile units including the support of satellite broadcast of TV and radio signals.

In the case of the high broadcasting confidentiality required, we also provide transmission coding.


Specification of SNG mobile unit’s satellite set:


Antenna 1,2m
Interface InputSDI/ASI/IP
Standard encodingH.264/AVC
Format SD/HD1920x1080 60i/59.94i/50i
1280x720 60p/59. 94p/50p
720x576 50i
720x480 59.94i
Chroma format 4:2:0; 4:2:2 (10 bits)
Encoding bitrate0,1Mb/s – 25Mb/s
HD H.264 recommendation rate 6Mb/s- 12Mb/s
SD H.264 recommendation rate 1,5Mb/s- 3Mb/s
AudioDigital audio input "SDI embedded audio" 2 groups Audio (Dolby E , Mpeg-l layer2, AAC-LC, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2, Dolby Digital Plus)
SDI Kabel50m