Government and military units encounter new challenges in their activities.

For many years, TTcomm supports the government sector in the implementation of projects requiring reliable communication in the most extreme conditions. We integrate and supply various satellite systems which are designed and constructed according to the individual specification of the contracting entity. We offer the service of launching, exploitation and work management of the transmission nodes adapted for the individual needs of Clients.

Portable and transportable systems for satellite transmission

Portable satellite terminals

Portable satellite terminals are intended for tactical and other military applications and for special users. Their small dimensions and low weight make it possible to be launched within not more than 10 minutes.

Solid construction makes them function in the most extreme conditions. They can be operated by only one person. The devices can use different energy sources that makes the terminal can be launched practically anywhere in the world.

This type of terminals enables the phone calls, data transmission, video streaming and Internet access.

ManPack satellite terminals

ManPack satellite terminals are the smallest devices of that type which are available on the market.

The low weight and a short time of connection establishing make them an attractive offer for services and units operating under difficult conditions.

Lightweight and compact design

Operational readiness: less than 5 minutes

Meet requirements for shock resistance, downfall out height, water, dust

Ability to work in X and Ku band

Antenna’s diameter from 0,6 to 1,2 m

 INMARSAT terminals

Small enough to be carried in backpack

Fast start-up of IP service in Inmarsat network

Transmission up to 258/422 kbps

Reinforced housing

Satellite segment lease

The company enables the lease of satellite segment for Clients with their own broadcasting satellite devices.

Within the context of the service TTcomm offers:

  • Design of the satellite channels including parameters of the equipment owned by the Client
  • Telephone support in Polish while launching satellite carriers in the transponder

TTcomm offers the band on the satellites which cover the entire globe with the exception of polar regions.

Occasional Access

The Client may lease satellite capacity sized from 3,5 MHz to a full 36-MHz transponder for the period from 15 minutes

OU Access (Occasional Use) is projected for the implementation of broadcast from the events such as concerts, sporting events, outdoor events, etc.  by (SNG) mobile units. The lease of satellite capacity for a short period of time can be linked to the complete service of the occasional broadcast offered by TTcomm.

Permanent access

Clients are able to lease the satellite capacity for longer periods (from 6 months). In such cases it  is possible to use the band sized from several hundred kHz to dozens MHz.

Permanent access to the satellite band may be allocated for distribution and broadcasting of multimedia signals, corporate networks construction, detached networks, dedicated links.

Mobile Satellite Systems

TTcomm’s service based on the mobile terminals is a perfect solution in all situations which require fast installation of high-speed web link. This kind of service can be used for connections in the crisis situations and for the occasional links.

The Client can buy or lease mobile terminal with the relevant technical parameters depending on transmission needs (look: Mobile  and portable and transportable systems). Mobile terminals can be divided into three basic categories:

  • Transportable – thanks to automatic mechanism of satellite dish establishment the system is ready to work within few minutes from the moment of the arrival to the installation place
  • Portable – the satellite stations of small sizes intended for the tactical applications and special users; launching of terminal by one person within 10-30 minutes.
  • Operating on the move (SOTM – SatCom On The Move) – enabling data transmission while the vehicle is moving (car, train, ship, plain)

Broadband Internet access

The Internet access services for the government institutions and military can be implemented practically in every place on the world.

Satellite access to the network enables the usage by all internet services.

Parameters of the service are defined on the basis of individual requirements of the Client and the service itself is completely independent of the local telecommunications infrastructure.

For the location of the significant importance for the Client, the satellite Internet access can be used as backup connection to the existing terrestrial link.

The satellite transmission from the Client is transferred to the terrestrial network through the TTcomm’s Teleport which is located in Minsk Mazowiecki.

Teleport is connected to the terrestrial network of leading ISP through the broadband fiber optic connections.

Satellite telephony in Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya networks

For users who are interested in the small sized devices and their high mobility there is the ability of usage of the satellite phones working in Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya networks.

  • Satellite telephony is the technology using a network of satellites placed in a low orbit
  • Satellite technology provides with a sense of security and gives a guarantee of the constant connection with the world
  • The satellite phone doesn’t differ by more from the traditional cell phone in its look and functionality. To activate the phone there is SIM card required. For the Client’s comfort the services are settled in pre-paid and post-paid systems. The satellite phones have practically unlimited reach.