TTcomm offers a wide range of solutions for corporate networks and telecommunications operators who require the highest quality in B2B services.

Satellite solutions complement terrestrial and mobile networks in all areas to achieve a goal close to 100% network efficiency. We provide solutions for corporations, energy companies, mining platforms, banks and many other sectors.


Internet access services for corporate clients can be implemented virtually anywhere in the world. The transmission in the satellite network is based on the modern iDirect and Ka-Sat platforms. Satellite access to the network allows you to use all internet services.

The parameters of the service are determined on the basis of individual customer requirements and the service itself is completely independent of the local telecommunications infrastructure.

In a location of special importance for the customer, satellite internet access can be used as a backup link to an existing terrestrial connection.

Satellite transmission from the customer is transferred to the terrestrial network through the Teleport company TTcomm located in Minsk Mazowiecki.


For clients with their own satellite broadcasting devices, the company is able to lease satellite bandwidth.

As part of the service, TTcomm offers:

  • Designing satellite channels taking into account the parameters of the equipment owned by the customer.
  • Telephone support in Polish when launching carriers on the satellite transponder.

TTcomm offers a bandwidth on satellites that cover the entire globe with the exception of the arctic regions.

Occasional access

The customer may lease a satellite capacity from 3.5 MHz to a full 36-MHz transponder for a period of 15 minutes. OU (Occasional Use) access is intended to be used by broadcasters (SNG) for transmission of events such as concerts, sporting events, outdoor events etc.

The lease of satellite capacity for a short period may be associated with the complete occasional broadcast service offered by TTcomm.

Permanent access

Customers have the option of leasing satellite capacity for longer periods (from 6 months). In this case it is possible to use a bandwidth of a few hundred kHz to several dozen MHz. Permanent access to the satellite band can be used, among others for the distribution and broadcasting of multimedia signals, building corporate networks, dedicated networks, dedicated connections.


Based on satellite technologies, TTcomm offers the construction and full operation of Corporate Networks. The specificity of satellite technology allows a wide freedom to choose the configuration and topology of the network, as well as difficult to obtain in other techniques, unification of configurations at endpoints while maintaining the possibility of differentiating QoS parameters.

Identical configuration of devices in endpoints and the fact that they communicate with the central point of the network through a single link - without intermediate points requiring configuration, it provides simplicity, allowing for reliable operation of even very large networks.

Another advantage of the Corporate Network in the satellite edition is the ability to quickly (even within one day) change the location of the end point (e.g. transfer of the company's branch to a different location) with the same configuration and link parameters.

An important feature of the satellite solution for Corporate Networks is the possibility of rapid expansion with subsequent endpoints as well as virtually immediate change of parameters (e.g. increase of capacity), without disturbing the network structure.

Solutions implemented as part of the Corporate Network in satellite technology can be the basic telecommunications infrastructure of the company or be used only to connect locations where there are no alternative options to connect lines, and provide an overlay for the company's basic telecommunications network increasing its reliability and security - that is the reserve network.

Configurations for Corporate Networks recommended by TTcomm are:

  • network in the star topology with TDMA access mode - intended for Clients who need to connect multiple remote points with the control panel - this configuration allows for the construction of a network covering even thousands of locations;
  • network in mixed topology based on point-to-point links (SCPC) - intended for customers generating high traffic with low volatility, requiring fixed specific parameters of links in specific relations.
  • network in full mesh topology with TDMA access mode - designed for customers who need to connect to dozens of points, each of whom has a need for direct communication with the others. The configuration provides the possibility of peer-to-peer communication with a single satellite jump, guaranteeing the minimum possible transmission delay.

Within each of the above described configurations, it is possible to use advanced QoS (Quality of Service) management techniques which functions are embedded in end devices, so it is not necessary to use additional devices (such as routers).

The network is managed and configured from one point located in the TTcomm Teleport.

TTcomm provides network supervision and monitoring in 24/7 mode, remote reconfiguration and diagnostics, and service at endpoints within the agreed SLA.


TTcomm offers VoIP service on the satellite channels provided. Implementation of the service is possible thanks to the use of iDirect satellite technology with embedded Quality of Service mechanisms.

The determination of appropriate priorities, guaranteed bandwidth (CIR) for applications and other QoS mechanisms ensure very high quality of VoIP service in the satellite network.

VoIP can be launched both in the case of satellite access to the Internet and corporate network.

As part of the service, the customer may receive a telephone number belonging to:

  • the majority of numbering zones in Poland,
  • numbering zones of a large part of European countries.

To start the service, TTcomm can provide and configure VoIP devices such as analog / IP adapters, IP telephone exchanges, etc.